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The best and the Great FIFA 18 with Best Attributes and Graphics

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The best and the Great FIFA 18 with Best Attributes and Graphics
18-September-2017 22:31
In FIFA 18, there will be new coaches to see what was already in our preview. In the latest challenge version, you could now see who coaches everything from the side line. The coach of FC Bayern Munich, Carlo Ancelotti, is one of the team's favorites.

Carlo Ancelotti will be on the side in FIFA 18.

The shoulders slightly chunky and the suit is also not perfect, but the face can be seen without a doubt. Carlo Ancelotti will be supported by FC Bayern in the FIFA 18 as a Bundesliga player. Whether there will be other trainers from the highest German game class is uncertain, but conceivable. In FIFA 17, EA SPORTS had only the coaches from the English Premier League in the game. Jürgen Klopp was one of them. In FIFA 18 there will be more, as we were already betrayed but with free fifa 18 coins ultimate team .
In addition to Ancelotti, the coach of Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane will be included in the match, as will José Mourinho (Manchester United). This also officially confirms that besides England and Spain, Germany is one of the countries with real coach types on the side.
How many it will be overall, they did not want to tell us at that time, and this time there was no developer available for a statement. So we are looking forward to Nagelsmann, Stöger & Co.!

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