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wanting to understand this why

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wanting to understand this why
10-October-2017 17:26
ng a toll-gate shell a place, so then Zhao Er Feng can continue to sit idly Chengdu."
Sung son is A.J. Reed Authentic Jersey pure to know that he is worrying what, continue to say:"Commander you need not worry too much, 3,000 Chuan Dian border defense soldiers of Zhao Er Feng's hand inside older than us eight townses are very bad, the whole Chengdu could not seek as well several stand machine gun, small tiger a trip if still take not to come down, he this trip long also white be!"
His words make Yang Qiu feel at ease a lot and recruited to signal hint thunder fierce close a door, the facial expression seriously gets up:"The son is pure you should also know some total situations and said viewpoint."
Come of Sung son Alex Bregman Authentic Jersey of road was pure and then turned over all of this period of timed of war bulletins to see 1 time, small and soft cut and polish Yang Qiu's each order, the idea of Wu Sheng Guan at defer the north ocean military advance speed, north enter for the sake of the strength of gathering whole Hubei, deployment Wei store, filial piety Chang and filial piety three defense lines then cut to consume opponent for the sake of the built-up, now he like this ask perhaps be at consider to decisive battle!So ask a way before spreading map:"The commander is perhaps cutting and polishing the affair of decisive battle?"
Yang Qiu's point Andrew Aplin Authentic Jersey nods, filial piety not guard his in the mind have already had a number, have no Wei store and filial piety highland natural cover, the north front of the ocean already one horse even Chuan, so wait until after the it is clear now Ping Guo Zhang necessarily will start to storm and share sorrows for two of his main sons.Oneself arouses a war to exhaust for consecutive days here also very big, new soldier again unbearable heavy use, the fourth teacher and Hankow new soldier pulls ascend also will be nuisance, so if can not take advantage o to have some energy to come to field malicious get, this battle perhaps will fall into logjam to even lose, the disadvantage acquires larger words power in future.
At Sung son Andy Pettitte Authentic Jersey pure in front he has no necessity mental reservation what, point at the city mountain of filial piety left side and say in response to the city:"I already the life Yue Peng send two regiments to go up north to make a detour big Hong mountain to assault Wang Jia Dian in filial piety Chang, here now is north the advanced base of the ocean, if can beat painful he for a while, Ping Hua just for protect a side wing safety to necessarily will divide a soldier the door for sky.He we significantly withdraw 40 kilometers on his own initiative and take the She and three bridges as to hold after the soldier divide and lure north the ocean main force is thorough, then."
Yang Qiu with Ashur Tolliver Authentic Jersey start to take a pen, horizontal at of She and city mountain.
This situation made Sung son pure to understand a while, this was to prepare to lure Ping Guo Zhang main to be thorough, drew back the troops distance of its main force and the aggression door in the sky, contact put to cut off both by inclined a little amount troops, then decisive battle ground the door that put on sky, round its one to force to have no dint to go down south any further!
He also understands Yang Qiu after wanting to understand this why slowly didn't begin, because my noodles needs to solve two keys.The first is all a navy, regardless is the She and three bridges too close to river's side, once the navy strikes warship cannon to overaly whole war area, north the ocean will multiply by certainly quickly go down south Hankow, perhaps ou
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