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Pandora beads are very popular and welcome

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Pandora beads are very popular and welcome
02-November-2017 03:21
In addition to the charms and bracelets I’ve already previewed, there’s also this gorgeous blue version of the Field of Flowers murano coming with the Spring 2017 collection! It’s such a pretty cornflower blue, and an usual colour choice for Pandora’s spring releases – it’s nice to see them doing something different. This wasn’t in the North American catalogue, and so it probably won’t be coming out there, pandora charms uk sale (unless it proves to be a Jared exclusive, which would be unusual), but it should be available in most other regions, including the UK.

There aren’t new styles this time around, but there is still plenty of beautiful jewellery up for grabs if you missed out last time! These include a fair amount of limited edition pieces, including the Club Charm 2016, the Mother’s Day 2016 LE heart, and the pandora bracelet uk outletpandora jewelry box[/url] bangle. yawning smiley The other bead that jumps out at me is the amazing London Bus, which is adorably quirky with its Union Flag enamelwork – it’s actually the bead that got me totally and completely obsessed with Pandora!

The UK will be seeing their Mother’s Day release on the 23rd of February, pandora uk outlet this packaging here very soon! Other regions will have to wait until April, when the Mother’s Day 2017 collection comes out more widely. Having said that, a lot of special gift packaging isn’t released in every region, so you may have to wait and see to find out whether your local store will be getting any special bags or wrapping.

I previously stated that I was going to try and be more selective about what I add to my collection this year (yes, we will see how that goes..!). I have always loved murano glass beads, and this seems a good staple solid-colour bead to add to my collection, and to pandora rings uk salepandora bracelet sale[/url] of murano glass itself, the little hearts offering that cute touch without detracting from its versatility. Plus, I knew exactly where I was going to put it!

The collection could not be more typical of Pandora’s usual Mother’s Day releases, with lots of love- and family-themed beads. There are a few more generic hearts and pandora charms outlet for runner’s, for example – but there aren’t as many charms with as wide an appeal as last year, I feel.
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