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NFL links football, CTE; could it affect $1 billion deal?

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NFL links football, CTE; could it affect $1 billion deal?
16-March-2016 05:02
On the contentious issue of concussions, Stephen Strasburg Jerseythe NFL has relented on a once-steadfast stance.

Yes, the league acknowledged publicly for the first time, there is a connection between football and the devastating brain disease known as CTE.

The NFL backed Tuesday the comments made at a congressional panel by Miller, the league's senior vice president for health and safety, that his surprising words ''accurately reflect the view of the NFL,'' league spokesman Brian McCarthy said.

The league has long denied proof linking the sport and the condition called chronic traumatic encephalopathy. As recently as the week of the Super Bowl, Dr. Mitch Berger, a member of the league's head, neck and spine committee, refused to draw a direct line from football to CTE.

So that's what made's admission, at a round-table discussion about concussions, somewhat startling.

He said brain research on former NFL players ''certainly'' shows a link between football and CTE when asked about the subject. Miller referenced the work of Boston University neuropathologist Dr. Ann McKee, who has found CTE in the brains of 90 of the 94 former pro football players she studied after their death.

''The answer to that question is certainly yes, but there are also a number of Hugh Thornton Jerseyquestions that come with that,'' Miller said, deferring to physicians on the science of the subject of CTE evidence.

CTE is tied to repeated brain trauma and associated with symptoms such as memory loss, depression and progressive dementia. Players diagnosed after their deaths include Hall of Famers Junior Seau, Ken Stabler and Mike Webster.

Four Democratic of the House Energy and Commerce Committee sent a letter Tuesday to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, asking for answers by March 29 on the league's plans to protect both NFL players and those at the youth levels.

Critics of the NFL's proposed $1 billion plan to settle concussion claims called Miller's sudden acknowledgement of a football-CTE connection a game changer. The settlement is being appealed by players concerned that it excludes future cases of CTE, what they consider ''the signature disease of football.''
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