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It's a catch! No it's not!

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It's a catch! No it's not!
22-March-2016 09:10
It's a catch.

No it's not.

Even though NFL owners won't vote on any proposals regarding what Paul Coffey Jerseyconstitutes a reception in their games, competition committee co-chairman Rich McKay and officiating director Dean Blandino spent more time trying to clarify the rule and fielding questions about it Monday than on any other subject.

There will be tweaks to the language but no changes in the catch rule. The criteria remain the same: control of the ball; two feet on the ground in bounds; and enough time to clearly become a runner.

Deviating from that, Blandino explained, would severely complicate the officials' jobs, while the aim is to simplify the calls in real time.

''The key part of the rule allows for consistency in calls on the field,'' Blandino said.

The rule also is a factor in player issues.

''It's tied to the defenseless receiver rule,'' Blandino said. ''You don't want to shorten the time a receiver is protected from hits to the head, etc.''

Blandino and McKay recognize and readily admit determining what is a catch Teemu Selanne Jerseyis among the toughest calls for officials.

They cite the speed the action - Blandino calls them ''bang-bang plays'' - and how TV technology has improved. High-definition replays in slow motion can make virtually every play a potential subject for controversy.

The league consulted former and current receivers, coaches, front office personnel and officials while reviewing the catch rule.
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