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How to buy wooden plastic floor

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How to buy wooden plastic floor
14-September-2017 05:59
<P>Concerned about the competitiveness of the market decoration products, in a variety of brands of wood flooring to enjoy the preferential policies from the brand, composite wood flooring to a certain extent, to meet the landscaping of home improvement, so that the home environment is full of warm and stylish, Wood flooring as home furnishings of the main material, will let you feel the needs of the family,low maintance wpc wall panel for outdoor the following describes the composite wood flooring.</P>
<P>In particular, in the appearance of visual, good good easy to spend a lot of effort. Fillinger is a big brand, founded in 1921 in Germany,no pollution advantage composite decking through the Chinese environmental labeling product certification, is the Shanghai Feilingel Wood Co., Ltd. brand, Feilinger composite wood flooring has a great market competitiveness.</P>
<P>From the environmental point of view, the composite wood floor thin thick than the thick. Because the thin, the unit area with less glue. Thick, the density is not as thin as the high, the impact resistance is almost, but the foot feel a little better. In fact, the difference is not big. In fact,composite overlay for wood deck resurfacing the quality of the composite floor of the two flooring thickness is no difference, the key is to look at personal choice.</P>
<P>The standard specifications are used by most members of the European Association of Flooring Producers. Composite wood flooring is still the case. China's imports of the world's most advanced, and strengthen the floor processing lines, but also the use of standard specifications. In other words,anti corrosive dustbin supplier board the composite wood flooring using imported pipeline processing, large-scale enhanced floor manufacturers of products, the vast majority is still the standard specifications.</P>
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