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Boilers, environmental protection equipment

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Boilers, environmental protection equipment
13-October-2017 04:38
In the State Energy Board recently carried out 12 key special supervision work, the power enterprise air pollution control special supervision is one of them. The focus of the special supervision include: 30 million kilowatts below the coal-fired units, enterprise-owned power plant desulfurization and denitrification dust removal facilities and put into operation; adjust the cogeneration unit to heat the operation of the situation; coal to gas, new natural gas Production project gas source implementation and so on. Vacuum Furnaces
Adjust the fuel structure, the use of high-quality dust collector, the implementation of efficient energy-saving boiler system transformation is the Ministry of Industry "upgrade plan" put forward specific measures, and the National Energy Board 300,000 kilowatts below coal-fired units, enterprise-owned power plant desulfurization and denitrification dust removal facilities and put into operation Focus on monitoring actions complement each other. High coal consumption thermal power units as early as 2007 was subject to policy restrictions, in the "industrial structure adjustment guide directory (2007)" (draft), 300,000 kilowatts and below the conventional coal-fired units for the first time included in the restricted development industry Vacuum Furnace
Analysts believe that 300,000 kilowatts below the coal-fired unit 1 kWh of energy consumption to be higher than 50.6 grams, and air pollutant emissions, with China's thermal power units continue to upgrade, coupled with the severe situation of haze, 30 million kilowatts below coal-fired units Fuel structure transformation is the trend, but also indicates that the gas boiler will usher in a huge market demand. 
According to the national environmental policy requirements, all coal-fired power plants, oil refining enterprises to install desulphurization facilities, 20 tons per ton of coal-fired boilers to implement desulfurization, in addition to circulating fluidized bed boilers outside the coal-fired units are Should be installed denitrification facilities, and coal-fired boilers and industrial furnaces existing dust removal facilities should also be implemented to upgrade. Based on the current power plant desulfurization basically completed, the task of reducing emissions in the field of denitrification dust, denitrification dust removal equipment technical transformation task is also very serious.
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