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Floor was exposed, contraction from the seam, discoloration

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Floor was exposed, contraction from the seam, discoloration
13-October-2017 07:29
<P>Into the summer, the sun goes high. In this case, the most common problem with wood flooring is to shrink away from the seam. This is because in the high temperature state,просмотрите стойки палубы долголетия the wood within the water is easy to volatilize, resulting in the volume of the floor shrinkage phenomenon, as well as the floor splicing gap widening, and even worse, will make the mouth from the crack.</P>
<P>Even if air conditioning is turned on to no avail. Because air conditioning is equivalent to a dehumidifier, long time to use air conditioning blowing the floor, the same will make the floor dry, causing contraction problems. There is also a summer floor can not be ignored "killer" is the sun exposure, close to the balcony or the edge of the window was exposed to the sun, often appear from the seam,Деревянный забор площадью 420 кв. Футов высотой 6 футов the film will blister, discoloration, or even from.</P>
<P>Summer wood floor, "summer" approach should pay attention to three points: First of all, if the home installation of the wooden floor,деревянная пластиковая композитная уличная мебель must be someone to stay, if it can not immediately stay, but also often keep the room ventilation, ventilation, heat; Home air conditioning as far as possible not to face the floor blowing, if you feel the indoor dry, you can properly humidification; Finally, the owner should go out when the curtains should be pulled, do not let the sun direct sun to the floor.</P>
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