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Technical flooding to speed up the quality

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Technical flooding to speed up the quality
13-October-2017 09:46
Gas boiler compared to coal-fired boiler heating efficiency can be greatly improved, in the coal-fired boiler thermal efficiency of 60-85 on the basis of increased to 90 or more, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide emissions can be reduced by 60,99.5.
Although the gas boiler in the continuous promotion, but in the country is still dominated by coal-fired boilers. Many areas do not like Beijing in the implementation of strict pressure coal project, based on economic considerations, the short term it is difficult for enterprises to dismantle the existing coal-fired boiler to achieve gas boiler replacement, most companies have chosen the original coal-fired boiler Transformation for the gas boiler upgrade route. Beijing Thermal Power Group, told reporters.Industrial Furnace Ovens Lab Heating Equipments Sintering Oven
Reporters learned from a number of boiler plant technology department, the coal-fired boiler into a gas boiler is a fundamental change in the boiler combustion, boiler operating conditions, boiler room management, etc. are also changed, due to natural gas, coal Gas, coke oven gas is flammable, explosive toxic gases, if improper handling will occur boiler furnace explosion, gas spill may also cause a fire.
It is understood that the domestic power plant conditions, coal quality and other differences, the boiler coal gas reform both to accept the transformation of technology and equipment to provide practical technical solutions, but also for the long-term safe use of equipment to provide solutions to strengthen the technology Change quality is the key.
January 2012 formally implemented the new version of "thermal power plant air pollutant discharge standards" on the nitrogen oxides to develop a strict emission standards, requiring the July 1 this year, the basic completion of the existing old unit flue gas denitrification device transformation, And during the Eleventh Five-Year period has been installed flue gas denitrification device capacity transformation.
From the July 1 denitrification standard only less than half a year, denitrification transformation should be more than grams of tight construction, the task of heavy situation, a reasonable determination of the process line, especially for air preheater and induced fan transformation to be combined with coal-fired power plant furnace Other environmental protection facilities overall operation, improve the efficiency and efficiency of technological transformation. China Environmental Protection Industry Association related to the proposed.Glass PVD Vacuum Metallization Machine
ESP and bag dust is the current mainstream dust removal technology, China's existing dust removal technology is basically the national smoke emission standards of technical requirements. Due to the implementation of technological transformation of dust removal facilities need to stop the plant, how efficient shelf life is an important issue. Different power plant units of different conditions, there is no unified model of the transformation program, technical transformation of the degree of complexity is no doubt, so in the program to determine, equipment manufacturing, site construction, commissioning to local conditions, tailor-made. The Central China Association said.
By the atmosphere control opportunities, energy and equipment related industries to increase the progress of technological progress, speed up technological innovation, not only conducive to environmental improvement, but also to promote the upgrading of the industry itself, market opportunities and technical challenges coexist. The person added.Profession New Design Recrystallized Vacuum Sic Sintering Furnace
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