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RayBan sunglasses Cyber Monday Sale

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RayBan sunglasses Cyber Monday Sale
12-November-2017 07:24

The Oakley True Digital lenses correct 3D vision, which can be crucial in certain sports, such as golf, cycling and tennis. The lenses give better vision by eliminating distortions, due to their improved optics technology. The Oakley prescription collection was designed to give the same great comfort, clear Oakley sunglasses Black Friday Sale vision and great fit to the wearer, as the Oakley sunglasses collection. The brand has been combining design and technology for top performance athletes since its establishment. The Oakley prescription range is a great investment, if you are looking for eyewear, you can trust.

Oakley is a pioneer of the Oakley sunglasses Black Friday 2017 wrap-around fit which sweeps around the temple, designed to prevent dirt and 100% of harmful light reaching your eyes. It’s a practical fit which contacts the face at the bridge of the nose, the ears and it holds precisely.Iridium is designed to balance light and reduce glare, this lens coating is made by complex means and is available in plenty of colours to optimise vision in almost any light.

The popularity of these RayBan sunglasses Cyber Monday Sale sunglasses grew exponentially through and after the Second World War, in no small part thanks to their association with the American military. In fact, Bausch & Lomb was just one of several contractors making frames and lenses for the US Army Air Corps, and Ray-Ban was the “civilian” brand of the same company, which it remained until 1999.Enter American Army Air Corps Lieutenant John Macready, one-time world record holder for both altitude and flight duration, and all-round aviation pioneer. After hurting his eyes while using goggles in an attempt to break the altitude record, he contacted Bausch & Lomb, thus beginning a productive partnership which led to the development of the “Anti-Glare” model, first introduced in 1936 and later renamed the Ray-Ban Aviator.

If you’re a sunglasses enthusiast, you RayBan sunglasses Cyber Monday Sales probably love Ray-Bans more than any other brand. Terms like ‘iconic’, ‘timeless’ and ‘status symbol’ have been thrown around a lot to describe designs from the American company, and in this case, they’re all justified. No other brand of sunglasses has captivated the attention of celebrities and common folk alike for decades together, and yet remain a leader in all regards. To celebrate the awesomeness that is Ray-Ban, LensPick presents, the top 3 Ray-Ban sunglasses you must buy!
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