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the wood floor sprinkling

Enviado por linan110112 
the wood floor sprinkling
13-November-2017 03:55
<p>has been found worm eclipse phenomenon, pay close attention to time treatment is the most direct and effective way. If the wood floor is a small area of ​​insect erosion, you can use syringe injection kerosene solution, but this method will have the residual smell of kerosene, and only a small area. Consumers best time to the professional wood </p>
<p>flooring vendors where to find solutions, regular wood flooring companies will have professional staff to pest control. In addition, some consumers use insecticides to pest control, if the method or agent wrong, not only failed to pest control purposes, there may delay the best time for pest control, it is recommended that we try not to adopt </p>
<p>this approach . Some people think that the floor before the wood floor sprinkling a layer of charcoal, charcoal or pepper and other things can effectively prevent worms, experts believe that this approach is not desirable. Although charcoal and charcoal can absorb moisture in a short period of time, they do not digest moisture and tend to be </p>
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