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reason for the texture of the floor

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reason for the texture of the floor
13-November-2017 04:14
artificially undermined the overall appearance of the floor. Laminate flooring in the design and manufacture of the process, according to the texture of the wood itself to carry out, so the color and texture design will be different, ruled, even pattern, knuckles,
different texture is made of tempered wood The reason for the texture of the floor. 4, all the living room space with a color or style of living room space varies, bedroom, study, children's room, dining room features different, will be reflected in the decoration of different elements,
so the floor pavement should also be different. But now many consumers buy floor, often in order to save trouble, all choose a suit or style of the floor. In fact, this phenomenon can be broken, as Ruijia functional properties based on room space can provide consumers with a perfect solution.
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