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The beauty of the wood floor

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The beauty of the wood floor
13-November-2017 07:25
<p>Ram ó NEsteve was graduated from Madrid 1990 the architect of institute of high structure technology.wooden plastic frames He began independent professional career in his atelier at of the same age, active all sorts of relevant domains wait in building, indoor, products plan. </p>
<p>Ram ó NEsteve is the example exhibition hall that Porcelanosa designs</p>
<p>What differ with other space is material has been jumped over lesser character</p>
<p>Can reveal hall to need to present more productshow to lengthen wood floor joist</p>
<p>In space of a 900m2</p>
<p>Want to reveal floor, ceramic tile, mosaic at the same time</p>
<p>Differentiate through different area</p>
<p>Appear on the ground, metope, end face</p>
<p>Adopt glow design of the front</p>
<p>Imitate the setting outdoor</p>
<p>A few indirect illuminant are concealed in wall</p>
<p>Highlighted the simple sense with simple material</p>
<p>The lens face between change clothes pulls the space that high end closes fixing method of wpc flooring</p>
<p>Wall, enclothing stone, wood and mirror</p>
<p>It is the background that frame forms every</p>
<p>Cent is 3 area,how to build a wooden outdoor hand rail for 3 steps diy make by different material</p>
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