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finished wood floor length

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finished wood floor length
13-November-2017 11:04
<p>affects the wooden floor moisture content, wear resistance and other properties. Bedroom wooden floor picture △ Several factors affect the stability of the wooden floor The most important factor affecting the stability of the floor is the nature of the original material and the level of processing technology. Different materials have different </p>
<p>density, hardness, and the level of processing technology will also affect the final product moisture content, wear resistance, paint and other factors. The finished wood floor length, width, thickness will also have some impact on its stability. In general, under the same conditions, the thicker the thicker the more stable, that is, the more difficult to </p>
<p>deform. Wood floor deformation is generally the product itself, construction, as well as the external temperature and humidity changes in the environment caused by humidity and other factors. For example, improper drying, poor health, water content is too low, the back groove is too shallow, the construction of the expansion gap has </p>
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