How to use bluetooth headphone
13-November-2017 12:10
Bluetooth is a short-range wireless transmission of the communication interface, the basic communication distance of about 10 meters, the transmission rate of 721kbps or so, work in the 2.4GHz band, support for one-to-many data transmission and voice communications. Because Bluetooth is not designed to transport large traffic loads, it is not suitable for LAN or WAN replacement. As the name suggests Bluetooth headphone is equipped with the above-mentioned Bluetooth headphone, and now used for Bluetooth and mobile phone communication.

Bluetooth headphone charging method:
1. bluetooth headphones charging, you can put the earphone jack, so that the headphone can make phone and talk longer. Bluetooth headphone charging time to ensure that more than two and a half hours.
2. When charging, first plug the tip of the charger into the charging head of the Bluetooth headphone, and then plug the charging power into the socket. After charging, first unplug the power plug, and then unplug the plug in the Bluetooth headphone on the fine head.

Bluetooth headphone usage:
1. If the bluetooth headphones is plugged into the headphone and the headphone is pulled out, the headphone will turn on automatically. If the headphone is not in the earphone holder, just press the multi-function key for a few seconds and the Bluetooth headphone will turn on The
2.wirless bluetooth headphones must be matched with the Bluetooth. Open the Bluetooth headphone, you will hear a voice prompt, then the phone's Bluetooth open, and then search for available Bluetooth devices.
3. After searching for the Bluetooth headphone device, you will be prompted to enter the matching password, the general initial password is 0000, the input can be successfully matched with Bluetooth headphone and mobile phone.
4. When the phone rings, the Bluetooth headphone if inserted in the headphone, the Bluetooth headphone can be automatically connected to the phone; if the Bluetooth headphone is not in the headphone, long press and hold the multi-function keys to answer a few seconds phone.
5. If you want to hang up the phone there are two ways, one is directly to the Bluetooth headphone into the headphone, the call is over; the second is a function key for a few seconds.
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