How to use bluetooth headphone connected to the computer?
13-November-2017 12:14
Bluetooth, is a radio technology that supports short-range communications (typically within 10m) of the device. Can be in the mobile phone, PDA, wireless headphone, notebook computers, peripherals and other devices between the wireless information exchange. The use of "Bluetooth" technology, can effectively simplify the communication between mobile communication terminal equipment, but also can successfully simplify the communication between the device and the Internet, so the data transmission becomes more efficient and efficient, for wireless communication to broaden the road.

We often use bluetooth headphones, especially in the car or in the noisy streets, most of the time we use the Bluetooth headphone are called, but also sometimes used to listen to songs, because the long line with a lot of trouble , So we use the bluetooth headphones to listen the songs is also a good choice. Today's experience comes with everyone to share how to use the best headphones for working out.

Tools / raw materials:
Bluetooth earphone
Bluetooth enabled computer
Method / step
1. First, make sure your computer's Bluetooth driver is installed correctly and is the latest version, because the latest version of the function is more complete, and the previous version of the function is very simple. If the update driver is not to say.
2. Open the Bluetooth headphone, the general method of opening are long press 3 to 6 seconds, waiting for a flashing lights can be alternating, have instructions, not much to say.

3. Click the Bluetooth icon on the notebook, in the lower right corner of the computer desktop. Choose to join the Personal Area Network option.

4. Click to add the device, wait for the computer to scan out your Bluetooth headphone and then connect. Click Close when the connection is successful.
5. Return to the Bluetooth icon again, click the Bluetooth icon, select the display Bluetooth device option, you will see your Bluetooth headphone in the Bluetooth device.

6. Double-click the icon, or right-click to select the control option, waiting for a return to an option
7. Check Enable voice recognition, if your Bluetooth is connected, then the first off, check, and then you can connect. After connecting you will find that you can use the Bluetooth headphone to listen to music.
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