Do you know how to take care of your bluetooth headphones?
13-November-2017 12:10
Nowadays, Bluetooth headphones becomes really more and more popular in our life, when the Bluetooth headset in hand, we first want to pair the Bluetooth headset and equipment, so the reason I believe we do not say we will know. We can use the pairing, but is it just as long as the pairing is connected to everything? Is the answer yes. Some of the quality of the headphones itself is very good, because we usually do not care in the use of our favorite headphones prematurely die!
1, You'd better not sleep overnight with wireless earbuds in. They are very small, so they will easily fall off your ears. Then next morning, you will have a hard time finding them. What's worse, they may have been crushed.2, the use of headphones after the speaker on the foreign body to wipe off. The secretion of these things out of the human body, what contains grease, so that earplugs discoloration, blocking the horn hole affect the sound quality of the speaker.
3, when using the headphones is best not to smoke. Who are not careful when, whether it is headphone shell or speaker hot, hundreds of thousands of ocean you can not feel bad? In addition, if the ash into the headset shell, stick to the shock film, a long time the sound is wrong.
4, before the use of a certain small volume. If your output device volume is too large, the light shock film fold, the weight of the headset voice coil burned.
5, headphones away from the magnetic field. Unit magnet magnetism will decline, over time the sensitivity will drop!
6, headphones away from the wet. The headphone unit will be on the rust, resistance increases, your headphones will be biased.
7, headphones away from exposure. Headphone unit will have a lot of electronic components, exposure will affect the life of these electronic components, thereby reducing the life of the headset.
8, do not disassemble. Do not because the curiosity is too strong, and open to see. Some headphones are difficult to open, X90 do not have a special way is not open, if forced to open, the headset is also broken.
9, often do not use mini bluetooth headphones, to 1 month rushed a power to prevent the aging of the battery inside The battery aging and then come out with the use of Bluetooth headset is likely to not boot into the power.
10, away from chemicals. Spray on the headphone case if dissolved in organic chemicals, will get flowers, affecting the appearance of headphones.
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