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Do you know How to use bluetooth headphones?

Enviado por adtozhou 
Do you know How to use bluetooth headphones?
13-November-2017 12:14
With the continuous innovation of technology, the current use of Bluetooth headset users more and more. But most people get Bluetooth headphones do not know how to use Bluetooth headset? Here to introduce the smartomi headphone ( US Cyber Bluetooth headset how to use, and how to solve the problem, you can learn from:
Make sure the headset is fully charged.
1, Let the phone's Bluetooth open.
2, Long press the United States and the Bluetooth headset multi-function button, until the headset indicator light red and blue lights alternately.
3, With a mobile phone search for Bluetooth devices. You can find the headset corresponding to the model.
4, Select the appropriate model and confirm, then the phone system prompts for a password, then enter 0000. Phone display pairing successful.
5, Back to the phone on a page, and select the Bluetooth device has been searched, then the phone will appear on the details of the Bluetooth device. And then click the settings in the lower left corner of the phone screen. Find the "Connect" option. Select the connection. At this time the phone will prompt the Bluetooth device has become the default audio equipment. Now he can listen to music.
US-made Bluetooth headset has a drag two functions, a smartomi headphone can connect two phones at the same time. After connecting the first step, the Bluetooth headset re-boot, red and blue lights flash connected after the second mobile phone, manually connect the first mobile phone. Headphones re-boot, two mobile phones to achieve simultaneous connection.
US version of the Bluetooth version 3.0, support for music playback; call long press 3 seconds to achieve rejection calls; continuous press twice to tail number redial.
There will be no search for headphones, the main reason is:
Phone connected to other Bluetooth headphones, then you should cancel the other Bluetooth headphones connection, headset shutdown, re-open, open to red and blue lights flash alternately, and then connected.
Come to smartomi, here will give you more information about bluetooth headphones, all of us waiting you.
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