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Commander says that the national affairs is difficult

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Commander says that the national affairs is difficult
10-October-2017 17:35
to this, cold hum 1:"Good, the Zhu is new you to beat first!"
The soup Xiang Ming is Caleb Smith Authentic Jersey to say and really made big of bleed affairs, navy still not get the quilt whole country up and down scold dead, hear ice tone in the Sa town not kind, immediately and hereafter backed an one step.Although don't prepare to open gunfire, ice in the Sa town still descend reached an alert to orderany, he not concerned revolution, also not concerned soup Xiang Ming these people's idea, in the his eyes if someone wants a strong line of Duo warship, so his affirming will issue order to open fire!Because this honor that matters to navy!Have never had 1 be taken over forecastle navy!
Each warship that gets Carl Edwards Jr Authentic Jersey an order in succession avulsion cannon dress, the soldiers of water of decks back and forth rush about, did the many people part work simultaneously wonders,really need to beat?Luckily, these sailboats are after closing to navy soon all together stop bottom, still let go of for a sailboat of head bateau, shook flag of surrender to close to sea to permit a warship.
"Let them come up!"
In the ice chilly words in Sa town, grasped a text to take two soldiers to ascend sea to permit a warship and arrive at warship bridge to see him to immediately salute a way:"The national defense soldier staff officer department, the navy camp warrant officer once sees control adult."
"Navy camp warrant Carlos Zambrano Authentic Jersey officer?"Ice in the Sa town hopes to grasp a text and sees him that baby face, the standing posture of waist bone perfectly straight, imitated a Buddha to see the shadow that oneself is young, asked a way:"Are you what Yang Qiu sends Wang Guang Xiong's under charge?"
"BE, adult!"
" Seek old man He Shi?You think a strong line of Duo warship!"
Grasp a text to hope ice in the Sa town to shake:"Controling adult to think is wrong, in addition to wearing of vulgar job gun, these have no one handle knob gun on board, an explosive!They also Duane Underwood Authentic Jersey all isn't a military personnel in active service!"
"?"Once ice tip of brow in the Sa town pick and twisted a head to see the eye round just to have no on all sides at close to of sailboat:"Coerce public sentiment?Want to let me anyway?Ha ha is Yang Qiu's idea?Return to and tell him!The navy isn't army, take like his soldier, don't hold up Ping Hua just front he the still not sufficient and old man talk!"
The words are deep and low but take to resist of dignity, let to grasp a text to praise these old north foreigners secretly, but he is to all anyway want to solve a navy problem today, because front have Eddie Butler Authentic Jersey already not consumed to have, crustily the skin of head says:"Control adult, the commander makes me come not and says to mean to say to take you anyway.The commander knows that the navy isn't a Yang-tze River and then can tie up of, navy of in the future in the navy blue but isn't a Hun yellow of river's water!He makes me turn to tell you, what he wanted isn't navy's brothers anyway, he that hope that you can see at everyone is a lanky compatriot up, save millions armed forces and people in Hubei."
Don't wait everyone to talk, grasp a text to continue to say:"Commander says that the national affairs is difficult, the navy also affirms a meeting to face to expect for a cold winter, if the Zhao before ordered ° from England and, is two warships in response to the Rui, the United States buys of fly a Hong warship can not get the words of national appropriation again, he would like to the property Chong makes a final payment to bring back three warships to hand over to you to use with
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