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reinforced wood flooring

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reinforced wood flooring
13-October-2017 06:14
<p>product quality stability, high degree of matching and security. In China's high-density fiberboard field, Asia Wood's Kyrgyzstan's products become the first national Mianjian products, and firmly occupy China's high-end sheet (6mm and below thickness specifications) 70% market share, covering furniture, packaging, decoration </p>
<p>Building materials, handicrafts, electronic circuit pads and other industries more than 120 processing companies, the industry well-known brands of choice for raw materials suppliers. In the field of laminate flooring, Kyrgyzstan elephant brand is also ranked among the top 10 brands of reinforced wood flooring in China, as China's laminate </p>
<p>flooring industry's first national Mianjian products and the first Chinese environmental labeling product certification winner, High-quality products selected by the Chinese government green procurement list of the first brand, China's laminate flooring industry to become the leader. [Reporter]: Asia Wood is Asia's largest MDF, particleboard </p>
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