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composite wood products

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composite wood products
13-October-2017 08:52
<p>Inspection and Quarantine Bureau exported a total of 79,000 batches of furniture, plywood, fibreboard and wood products to the United States, valued at 11.1 billion US dollars, accounting for 41.3% and 35.4% of the total exports of such products respectively. Hangzhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Deputy Director of Plant </p>
<p>Protection Pu Mingwei said that Hangzhou has a large number of office furniture, bathroom cabinets, cabinets and flooring and other composite wood products export enterprises. The new regulations introduced by the United States limit the release of formaldehyde in composite wood products, which will have a greater negative impact </p>
<p>on the export of wood products such as furniture in Hangzhou, including raising the production costs and testing costs of the production enterprises; extending the customs clearance time at the ports of the importing country; The increase in the limited standard leads to being notified or even withdrawn and recalled. Zhejiang Rongye Furniture </p>
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