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traditional solid wood flooring

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traditional solid wood flooring
13-November-2017 02:15
<p>price. In addition to producing high quality products,<a href=''>aluminum composite panel malaysia</a> macro resistance also attaches great importance to the product after-sales service, the current after-sales service department employees have increased from two to strengthen the floor into China has been more than a few years, Chinese enterprises from the import of foreign flooring to the introduction of Europe Floor production technology and set up factories to produce their business philosophy, and even the popular products of color. Li Wei believe that now the Chinese enterprises to sum up experience, relying on their own strength to explore the time to the forward.use composite lumber for park benches Li Wei told reporters </p>
<p>with relish to describe his prediction of the 'future to strengthen the floor' ten years.Any business competitive advantage, and ultimately must be reflected in how to better meet the needs of users.<a href=''>composite wood planks</a> However, what kind of business to participate in the competition to influence the final user value, wood deck boards for salebut can be very different. As the global leader in the flooring industry - the macro-resistant wood group recently announced in Beijing, Hong resistance in Jiangsu Danyang Daya Wood Park, the third, four flooring production line has been fully operational, which marks the macro resistance successfully completed China and the entire Asia-Pacific region's </p>
<p>industrial layout, macro-resistant large-scale production of flooring to further expand, and its strategic partners in the global floor production capacity of up to 60 million square meters per year. Integration of the global resource chain planning China flooring industry It is reported that macro resistance and its strategic partners to invest heavily in China to establish the production base,dura deck pier pricing covers an area of ​​100,000 square meters. With two annual output of 30 million square meters of impregnated paper Germany Vitzz VITZ dipping production line, four low-pressure short-cycle press (two of which are currently the world's most advanced German Winker </p>
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