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global flooring industry platform

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global flooring industry platform
13-November-2017 02:20
<p>promote the global flooring industry platform development of. As part of the global industry platform competition, macro resistance is committed to creating a new industrial ecosystem in China's wood industry.<a href=''>best flooring for balcony in uk</a> In 2002, China Macro and Daya Group formed a strategic partnership to invest nearly 3 billion yuan to build China's largest fast-growing forest and high-quality high-density board production base. By 2005,non slip laminate flooring the five production bases in Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Anhui and other places reached an annual production capacity of 1 million cubic meters of high quality E0 and E1 grade high density board. Not only that, China's macro resistance will </p>
<p>also use its parent company's global production and procurement platform, so that Chinese consumers can enjoy the world's top products and first-class service.<a href=''>inexpensive lightweight decking</a> Market competition disorderly macro resistance to use the scale of washing According to industry sources,discount outdoor deck composite flooring macro resistance to this large-scale industrial layout, and the current status of the domestic industry is not unrelated. Strengthen the wood flooring since 1995 to enter China, the rapid development of the market, to 2005, laminate flooring has nearly a thousand brands, compared with 1995 increased by nearly 100 times. It is estimated that the next five years, China will increase the annual </p>
<p>residential area of ​​1.033 billion square meters, to be renovated area of ​​1.599 billion square meters (including secondary decoration), the need for floor materials (70% of the calculation)<a href=''>reviews on newtechwood composite decking roman antique</a> 11.19 million square meters. Strengthen the wood flooring market will be an annual rate of 30% increase in demand in 2008 will reach 2.5 to 300 million square meters. Faced with such a huge market, the businesses are resorted to all means,wood plastic composite environmentto seize a place. However, the production and operation of the non-standard and the market management of the disorder, so that China's laminate flooring market for a long time there are good and bad products, the phenomenon </p>
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