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Heating furnace

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Heating furnace
13-November-2017 08:24
What is a heating stove? The heating furnace is also called heating furnace, heating boiler, a boiler belongs to the civil life, mainly refers to an atmospheric pressure boiler can meet the heating demand of the people, belongs to the category of domestic hot water boiler.160 horno de carbonización al vacío
The earliest heating furnace is not a form of boiler, stove firewood directly but coal-fired heating, with the rapid development of society, innovation, improvement of heating furnace is also change rapidly, heating furnace has shrunk, beautiful appearance, advanced function has become the main characteristic of heating furnace.Стекло вакуумные декоративные покрытия машина
Heating furnace variety is complete, the main electric heating stove, fuel gas stove, coal-fired heating furnace, with the improvement of living standards and enhance the awareness of environmental protection, people choose to clean and non polluting gas heating products, where the selection of gas boiler, no gas where select fuel boiler or electricity heating boiler, coal-fired heating stove in the countryside still has not seen in the city.
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