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stainless steel pipe prices can be washed up

Enviado por qzz10011 
stainless steel pipe prices can be washed up
13-November-2017 09:42
<p>Market stock analysis: As of May 5, statistics domestic construction steel stocks totaled 6,918,300 tons, of which 5,314,700 tons of rebar stocks, the chain decreased 1.66 million tons, an increase of 1,028,700 tons year on year;bobina de acero inoxidable - latido caliente</p>
<p>1.6036 million tons of wire stocks, a monthly reduction of 346,600 tons, an increase of 728,700 tons year on year. This shows that the downstream demand performance is acceptable, coupled with cautious traders delivery, so the market inventory decreased significantly..fábrica de venta directa de acero inoxidable </p>
<p>Demand Analysis: Statistics April national average daily volume of 187,100 tons, an increase of 12.26% month on month, down 0.61% year on year. Specifically, with the "Silver IV" demand season, the terminal purchase volume increased significantly, and domestic transactions in all regions increased in varying degrees, with an obvious increase in Northeast China, followed by North China. In the same period of last year, except East China and South China As well as the increase of the northwest, the rest of the region is dominated by the decline of North China, followed by the southwestern region.asa-ssp-20-k8= cisco asa5585 series firewall cisco asa 5585-x processor-20 </p>
<p>From the price comparison, the market price and volume showed a "positive correlation" characteristics, and the volume of the first in the price, although there is a short time showing the trend of price deviation, but the timely repair, the main reason is the billet Repeated fluctuations, that is, business bargain hunters operation.Stainless steel square u channel single slot tube</p>
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